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Commercial EPC Northampton

What is a Commercial EPC

Commercial EPCs play a vital role in assessing the energy performance of non-domestic buildings.

They provide an energy efficiency rating, recommendations for improvement, and an environmental impact rating. These certificates are a legal requirement when selling, renting, or constructing commercial properties in Northampton.

Benefits of Having a Commercial EPC

Complying with building regulations, and legal obligations is just the beginning. Commercial EPCs help enhance energy efficiency, resulting in cost savings on energy bills. They also contribute to improved marketability, reputation, and environmental sustainability.


Obtaining a Commercial EPC

To obtain a Commercial EPC in Northampton, our qualified energy assessor will conduct an on-site inspection and gather necessary data.

The EPC will then be produced and delivered. It’s important to understand the validity and renewal requirements of a Commercial EPC.

How much is a Commercial EPC in Northampton?

Commercial EPCs vary considerably in their size and complexity, from a corner shop to a general hospital, so every building is quoted individually.

Our prices start from £198 and will cover basic buildings such as single storey local shops, hair dressers, food takeaways and the like.

The majority of commercial buildings assessed in Northampton fall into the £250 to £350 price band.

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Factors Influencing Commercial EPC Ratings

Multiple factors impact the energy efficiency rating of a commercial building. These include the quality of building fabric and insulation, the efficiency of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, lighting and electrical installations, use of renewable energy sources, and the building’s occupancy and usage patterns.

Improving Commercial EPC Ratings

Our Northampton epc team can give guidance on how to improve your commercial building’s EPC rating.

Consider upgrading insulation and windows, optimising HVAC systems, implementing energy-efficient lighting solutions, utilising renewable energy sources, and monitoring energy consumption to identify further improvements.


Minimum energy efficiency standards

It is a legal requirement that all rented properties must reach a minimum energy rating of at least an E. This minimum rating is due to further increase to a C rating in 2028.

If your building is rated F or G it cannot be legally let unless it has a valid exemption.

So if you are a landlord, you need expert advice on the most cost effective way to ensure your building meets the minimum energy efficiency standards.


Frequently asked questions.

Why do I need a Commercial EPC?

A Commercial EPC is required by law when selling, renting, or constructing commercial properties.

It assesses the energy performance of the building and provides recommendations for improvement.

How long is a Commercial EPC valid?

A Commercial EPC is valid for 10 years.

After that, it needs to be renewed to remain compliant with regulations.

Can I get a Commercial EPC before construction or renovation?

Yes, you can obtain a Predictive EPC (PEPC) before construction or renovation. It is energy performance certificate provides an estimated energy performance based on design plans and specifications.

Are Commercial EPCs required for all types of commercial buildings?

Yes, Commercial EPCs are needed for most non-domestic buildings, including offices, shops, industrial units, and public buildings, exceeding certain exemptions.

What happens if I don't have a valid Commercial EPC?

Operating without a valid Commercial EPC can result in penalties and legal consequences.

It is essential to comply with the regulations to avoid potential issues.

Can I improve a low EPC rating?

Yes, a low EPC rating can be improved.

By implementing energy efficiency measures such as insulation upgrades, optimising heating and cooling systems, and using energy-efficient lighting, you can improve your building’s rating.

What information is needed for a Commercial EPC assessment?

During a Commercial EPC assessment, our energy assessor will require information about the building’s dimensions, construction materials, heating and cooling systems, lighting, and occupancy details.

Can energy efficiency improvements increase the value of a commercial property?

Yes, energy efficiency improvements can enhance the value of a commercial property.

Higher energy efficiency often leads to lower operating costs, which can attract potential buyers or tenants.

Are there any incentives or grants available for energy efficiency upgrades?

There might be local, regional, or national incentives and grants available for energy efficiency upgrades.

It’s advisable to check with local authorities, energy efficiency programs, and government initiatives for potential funding opportunities.

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